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PreAgent embraces elegance to dazzle potential buyers. We stage houses so people can experience living in style and beauty.

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Presentation is vital

At any given moment, there are thousands of properties on the market, all competing to find the perfect buyer.

If you want to sell your property above market value, you need something that gives you an edge. Something that makes you stand out from the rest.

At PreAgent, we specialise in a luxury home staging and property styling. We recognise what a property can truly offer, by providing a team of experts who present your property in the right light, every time.



We can take any property and create a unique design, providing the best quality furnishings and decorations. Everything is available to buy, with keen prices that will astonish potential buyers.

PreAgent works with owners, agencies and real estate agents, to ensure you get the complete service. Our specialists never propose outlandish budgets, and will deliver amazing results, on time.


PreAgent agrees on a plan that works for you


Each step is documented to ensure perfect execution


Staging is completed on time, and on budget


The PreAgent Difference

At PreAgent we are selling a lifestyle, not a house. A home, not a property. Our focus is to make your home a dream. A real life luxury that potential buyers want for themselves.

Let us amaze you by making your home magazine worthy. PreAgent will gain you exposure over competing houses and help secure the perfect buyer. We only take on properties that we believe in.

Working Wonders

Make your first impression count. We use classic cars as props for photos and viewings. We may even paint the entrance, or place plants and sculptures.

White is White

We choose a white that makes you feel beachy, clean and fresh. It gives you the inner impression of a blank canvas, while selling a life style at the same time.

Angles and Images

We’ll find the right angles, the property’s best side before using our professional photographers. PreAgent will show the buyer how they can live dream lifestyle.

Less is More

Our dressing is fit for purpose, fit for style. We will declutter and strategically place items that fit the property and its prospective buyers.

Blue Sky

It sounds simple, but the use of a blue sky can sell a property, especially if the existing features are limited.


Upon reviewing the property and completing buyer research, PreAgent will place the right things in the right places, to make added features a talking point.

The Journey

We always seek to create a journey. People buy history, activity, images and style. Whether it’s an ornate pot or a secret door, we’ll find what works for you.

Go Beyond

By offering a ‘beyond normal” design, imagery and props, PreAgent will tantalise your viewer, turning them into a buyer. Our attention to detail ensures people will love your property.

PreAgent is taking part in an Initial License Offering (ILO) to increase the value of homes by making them magazine worthy.

Become a license holder today to share in our success.

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