Interview With a Property


Is it even possible to hold an interview with a home? we think so, that is the way we see a viewing after we have dressed the property, every question is answered and every visual thought through.

We call our viewings ‘interviews’ When you have seen the images and read the description we ask the question“would you like to interview the home”? already the viewer is intrigued.

Why is it an Interview?

You are coming to the house to veiw it, sure, but you still have questions and some that you might not think to ask, we have asked them and we are supplying the answers ahead of time all prepared and presented in our take away pack, its more of an interview than a viewing. Would you agree?

Things People Forget

How far is the supermarket? is there a bakery? which is the best park for the kids? is it noisy at night? the excitement of the design or even just the thought of living in this new home often makes you forget these obvious things, we take nothing small or obvious for granted, we have thought of and asked every question, we prepare the walk around, the calculate a journey, we support the agent’s interviews, we prepare everything and do the detail twice.

Its always about expectation

“if you prepare for an interview you get results.”

We are results driven, the preparation and attention to detail confirms this.

Get Inspired

If you are a designer or an agent selling properties in the UK and want to collaborate with us please contact us via this Blog or on our contact page. Together we are better and stronger.

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