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PreAgent re-branded, re-hired and re-started as PreAgent to be the UK’s first focused fit property consultancy for life style design. Yes we did, yes we are and yes we can.

We are going to take you a journey of revolution styled design, new ways to assist the sale of exclusive and beautiful homes that sell a lifestyle first. Lifestyle refers to consumers’ activities Interests and Opinion. The basic premise of lifestyle research is that the more the marketers know and understand their customers, the more effectively they can and will communicate to them and serve them.

Lifestyle marketing is a process of establishing relationships between properties offered in the market and targeted lifestyle groups. … Lifestyle is an integrated system of a person’s attitudes, values, interests, opinions and their behaviour.

“When has anyone notwanted to feel like their bathroom resembles a fancy spa, if Pinterest is anything to go by, people now want it more than ever, so lets give it to them,

It used to be statement walls and not the ceiling. YET Searches for “statement ceilings” are up by 310% this year on Pinterest, You can transform a room from the top down – knowing these trends helps us know the market. Another one is big statement doors, they are on the up. Searches on Pinterest for “interesting doors” have increased by 121 per cent this year.

When you walk into certain homes, they instantly feel welcoming. And it’s not just because you admire the design – although it helps. There’s something else. The space feels authentic, a genuine reflection of the family who live there. Its an illusive difficult magic to find but it happens so it possible, if its possible we will find it, bring it, enhance to benefit all vested parties.

De-Clutter as a Trend

Marie Kondo’s book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing, brought minimalism to the mainstream. Not a new concept but the minimalist lifestyle is trending. The movement has inspired people to move to smaller homes, cut their possessions. Countless bloggers document their leap into minimalism, entrepreneurs have picked up on this and are figuring out how they can capitalize on the minimalism and decluttering trends.

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